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Saturday/Sunday  16th / 17th May

                                          2020 Welford Canal Festival

        provionally rescheduled to 19th/20th September

                  to book a mooring already, email


Friday September 25th, 7.30pm at Great Bowden Village Hall


Cromford Canal Restoration

with Mick and Carol Golds 


Friday October 30th, 7.30pm at Great Bowden Village Hall


Annual Supper Night and Social

with Quiz


Rally of Boats and Celebration to mark

50 years since the re-opening of the Welford Arm

-Historic working boats and trading boats, VintageTractors 

- Pop-up Canal Museum, Souvenir Shop, Canal Crafts and Stalls

- Live music everyday thanks to the Wharf Inn

- Great Weather and lots of happy people on the day

thanks to everyone who helped

More great work at Welford


3 days of work parties, 25-27 April, has seen good progress in painting the woodwork, finishing the planting in the Lock Garden (despite Storm Hannah) and a great job clearing the edges of the wharf.

Thanks to all involved from the Welford & Sulby History Society, OUCS, and particularly to Matthew Harris for organising it all.

Welford Lock Gardening Work-party

On Saturday 16th March, a group of hardy volunteers from the Society, Welford Village and CRT, braved the 60mph wind gusts to clear and replant the old lock island garden as well as to clear and tidy vegetation from the copings. A great success and many thanks to our great volunteers.

Welford Limekilns Clearance

On 27th October 2018,  a group of 21 volunteers comprising OUCS Members,

villagers from Welford and local Explorer Scouts armed with bowsaws,  loppers and secateurs, cleared the vegetation and overgrowth in and around the Limekilns at Welford Wharf.  Thanks to all involved for a great effort.

  beforehand - the kilns are in there somewhere!                          Many hands make light work!


                                              Our great group of volunteers -limekilns now visible again.

New  benches at Welford Arm Junction

New bench installed at the Junction next to the finger signpost and a second bench installed at the end of the mooring rings.

Thanks to all involved on the day.





OUCS Summer Barbecue


The weather gods smiled on us for the Summer

Barbecue on 1st July.  Our thanks once again to

Mary Matts for letting us use the garden at

Bridge 61 and, particularly  to Jean Bourne for

all the preparatory work and for ensuring that

everyone was well catered for on the day.






Most of the benches along the towpaths of the Old Union Canals were provided by 

the Society. In time, these are damaged, or decay, or even disappear.

Please let us know of any benches

along the Leicester Line in need of

repair or replacement.


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